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Professional grade performance just got better. The Tournament 3000 brings home all the features of the Tornado Platinum Tour Edition... except the coin mechanism.
The Elite table is a professional table available for the home. This beautiful table features dual ball returns, heavy gauge rods, and Tornado’s patented split bearings for easy maintenance and professional play quality.
Hours of fun no matter what age you are. We offer only the better quality foosball and soccer tables from the leading manufactures like Tornado and Olhausen Games. Our tables will last a lifetime!
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Tournament 3000
OG Manchester III Foosball
The Classic table combines a contemporary look with heavy duty down corner construction. The leather laminate is a match for practically any environment. Many of the high performance parts from Tornado’s commercial tables provide professional play quality on the Classic.
The Tornado Sport is the perfect table for both starters and the more experienced player. The height adjustment, durable construction and Mahogany Melamine finish allows for generations of enjoyment from the young, and young-at-heart.
OG Cumberland Foosball
Standard 3-man goalie
•Rustic Log
•Optional (1) goalie conversion kit
Standard 3-man goalie
•Any Olhausen Finish
•Steel Legs
•Optional (1) goalie conversion kit
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Comercial grade performance just got better. The Signature is built for the bars, but customizable for you home. Available in most Olhausen Finish and Legs optionsoptions.
Standard 3-man goalie
•Optional telescoping rod kit
•Optional (1) goalie conversion kit
OG Signature Foosball
Custom Series Foosball
NHL, Collegiate and Customer Supplied logos. Available in many finish options!
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Park Meadows: 303-770-7771
Colorado Springs: 719-598-4611
Thornton: 303-920-0800
Milan Foosball
Single man goalie, Steel Legs.