As one of the largest and oldest established billiard & pool table retailers in the United States, we are very selective of the manufactures we represent. All of the pool tables we offer, have to meet our strict standards of quality, construction, playability and warranty.

From contemporary to traditional, we have styles to meet all your decorating needs at any budget. Many of our pool tables are available in Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Brushed Metals, Exotic Woods, and Custom Finishes.
Every gameroom starts with a quality pool table!
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Top 8 Misleading Pool Table Claims:
Buyer Beware!
Olhausen's® finest tables. The highest detail and attention are paid to these tables, which are meticulously crafted by our own master woodworkers.
Modern Series
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Olhausen's® modern line of tables integrates 20th-century styling, which is characterized by simplicity of form, with an emphasis on functional concerns.
Olhausen's® easy choice table, a simplistic approach to quality and design from "The Best in Billiards"®
Built for the Pros...played on around the world. Superior quality, playability, and craftsmanship unparalleled in the billiard industry characterize Olhausen's® championship table series.
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The Olhausen® Traditional Collection blends a traditional carved leg with updated clean lines.
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Drawer Series
Designed with a functional storage drawer these pool tables can store your cue sticks, racks, pool balls or table cover right at your fingertips.
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The perfect pool table for Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Whether you're looking for Lodge Pole Pine or a "reclamed" barn wood look.
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Felt Color
Bulid your own table!
Olhausen Billiards now has a program that allows you to create a custom pool table. You can change legs, wood, finish, felt, and so much more! When you have table of your dreams, simply print the page and bring it in to one of our showrooms.
Functional dining tables that convert into a quality slate pool table. From fusion and our own line hand crafted tables.
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Colorado Springs: 719-598-4611
Thornton: 303-920-0800
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Hand Crafted Steel, Industrial Style pool tables sure to make an impresion!
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Unique and Designer looks from one of the older US Manufactures in our induestry.
Custom Steel